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[audio]Klangschleifer - Groaning Crackle [efp019] - Klangschleifer
this is the first part of soundgrinders double-ep "me, the experiment" highly experimental breaks and beats added to a "obvious" conceptless arrangement of funny sounds...
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks; Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 539
[audio]sug(r)cane vs gabriel pop (sfn011) - sug(r)cane vs gabriel pop
> an sfn/2003 split cd-r ep collaboration between luxembourger bedroom recordings and soundzfromnowhere. a nice ep presenting two artists of high caliber. this fascinating dialogue between two madmen seems to constantly reshape soundz in order to have a fluency in this condensed world. nice melodies and possessive loops.
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 258
[audio]COLA IDOL - Listen to the sky [snr64] - Cola Idol
Cola Idol is a small unit of musical production that propose a bunch of syncopated electrotekno tracks with some traces of dub.
Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 8,282
[audio]NAYAD - R06-R11 ep [RUN02] - NAYAD
History of the Future : "Sir Nayad takes his tracks issued on 'R01 - R05', increases the "balls factor" by 10 points & reinvents them inna hardcore/breakcore stylee!" WRECKED : "Explosive experimental breaks, from mashed up jungle, to strange nuskool/electro breaks, to kicking acid."
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 503
[audio]NAYAD - R68-R71 ep [RUN10] - NAYAD
this NAYAD release consists of the 'opium tympans' live jams featuring korg electribes around 2001. it's quite acid and trancey with beats and heavy synth... but anyway, check it out !
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 381
[audio]NAYAD - R43-R50 lp [RUN07] - NAYAD
Celebrating 10 years of electronic music making, NAYAD releases further crunchy tracks from past performances. 8 twisted hip-nautic tracks recorded around 1997 from breakbeat frolic to funky core...
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 684
[audio]NAYAD - R51-R57 ep [RUN08] - NAYAD
Digging an old pile of minidiscs, some unexpected pre-NAYAD tracks showed up. they were recorded back in winter 1996 as a project called 'le complot des machines'... enjoy ;)
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 2,944
[audio]NAYAD - R31-R36 ep [RUN05] - NAYAD
a calmer ep than previous NAYAD releases, this one is going quite mellow for the 'R series'. enjoy another bunch of revamped live performances recorded between 1994 and 2000. unreleased on vinyl.
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 323
[audio]NAYAD - R72-R79 lp [RUN11] - NAYAD
this release consists of heavy and acrobatic electribes jam sessions recorded on the fly in winter 2001-2002... as always with NAYAD, it sounds moody and explosive and will make you happy ;) ...
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 2,345
[audio]Ears Akimbo - Omfsine - Ears Akimbo
Contribution to the sss june project on soulseek records.
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 233
[audio]Bedoze - 700 - frec 003 - bedoze
Formed in 99 by MMeNDES and MeRCOX, Bedoze also counts with guitarrist and keyboardist NGRANDI. Tape collages and virtual and analogue synth improvisations, resulting in a music both melodic and experimental.
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 610
[audio]Wwcarpen - Point5full [inpuj062] - wwcarpen
Walter Carpenter's enlightening FM synthesis soaked debut.
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 583
[audio]aljen - drei [tonAtom.049] - aljen
extra drei his third release on tonAtom or just three new tracks - the release titel fits both. the important thing about it is that there is a new aljen release and the good things we have got used to still remain. aljen (=aleksander jensko) has chosen to make it not easy for casual listeners (but why should he anyway) with tracks of up 11 minutes length. but the reward is that those tracks are that large and deep so that it is a pleasure to be "in" them, to enjoin their atmosphere and to press...
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 1,015
[audio]Some working files - Kemikal Death/L0serAdmin
These are some files supposed to work fine
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 58
[audio]Chriszanf - Quarnk [adm006] - electronical
Originally released in 2001 with a remix added, by Mononostril in 2003. deep, throbbing dancefloor techno with soul
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 767
[audio]Ehmes - Ivotnam Anthem [adm003] - electronical
2 track E.P. from New York based Ehmes.
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 278
[audio]TEAL - X - moyya - X [snr88] - Tëal

Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 5,943
[audio]sfn009 / re:ebenementsu-19 / various artists - http://www.evenement0.net/
> a collection of songs wisely gathered under the name re:ebenementsu. this compilation was previously released in japan, and now we are proud to rerererereleaeaeaese it! a journey of wonderful ebenementsus of electronififific delight. this is an evenement0.net and soundzfromnowhere.tk collaboration.
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 1,088 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]RADICAL SUBSTANCE - EP one EP [snr101] - Radical Substance

Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 414
[audio]Kikapu Podcast 001 - v/a
Our first podcast features tracks from Eric Laurence, Evan Valentine, Mar.ch, Komsomol, The System Boot, and Spark.
Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 371
[audio]MIHIDEA - Pop diving area EP [snr111] - Mihidea

Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 1,016
[audio]Nicoll - Live @ Radio 202 [Freeosc24]
Nicolas Cante a.k.a. Nikoll is a very talented producer, artist and entertainer from France. He played on our radio station just the day before his gig in Sarajevo. It`s kind of hard to describe his music, and his live act is a must see! It includes Laptop, Ableton Live, keyboards, microphone and a lot of jumping... He defines his music as "the real sound of Electro Zob Music"... Anyway just check him out if you can, download this session and refresh your ears! Please visit Compose (www.compose....
Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 1,028
[audio]ARG - Fugue 999 [BB013] - ARG
More great experimental sounds and structures from our esteemed dark-ambient friend on ARG's latest album, Fugue 999.
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 1,722 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]files no. 2 - Leo. [me].
files no.2
Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 326
[audio]aljen - ikke drikkevan [tonAtom.002] - aljen
tonAtom is proud to present aljen and his e.p. "ikke drikkevann", a journey to the north. all tracks are reported to originate from a stone cd, found on the shores of sea bleksvatnet on the island of hinoya, vesteralen/norway.
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 7,757
[audio]Dogs of... - Luca Boriani
gloomy shit
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 454
[audio]William S. Braintree - "..." [kpu082] - William S. Braintree
Here lies William S. Braintree's debut Kikapu release, and the man definitely brings the goods in the form of some heavy bass and breaks, and the skitterish IDM sound we've always loved. And even pretty piano melodies, all wrapped around the most samples ever heard on a single album. Seriously.
Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 19,817
[audio]The Rumblist Remixes - Marc Evans aka The Rumblist
The Rumblist Remixes - here are two remixes i created for recent remix competitions. The first was for the band Lamb, a remix of their song "Stronger" from the album "Between Darkness & Wonder." The second mix is for a competition run by Boltfish Records to remix the tune in "Camelia" by Cheju. Still waiting on the results of this comp so fingers crossed, eh?!
Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 255
[audio]Treno e Cuore - Luca Boriani

Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 2,063
[audio]Karloz - Startin All Over [adm004] - electronical
Freefalling jazz electronica
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 1,209 2.00 out of 5 stars2.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]FRAKTION - Social war EP [snr98] - Fraktion

Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 327
[audio]Pilchard - 8bit EP [8bit0061]

Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 4,212
[audio]FRAKTION - Hits collection EP [snr57] - Fraktion
Fraktion surely does not come from our planet and from where they come they are big stars. Here are some of their greatest hits. Enjoy...
Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 5,382 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]FRAKTION - Fragile outline [snr84] - Fraktion

Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 428
[audio]FRAKTION - The rubbing method EP [snr73] - Fraktion
Old synths playing again and again and suffering of inner deterioration and heavy oxidation of its elements.
Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 951
[audio]MOBYL - Speechless time [snr83] - Mobyl

Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 728
[audio]ATARAXIA REBEL FORCE - big shadow EP [snr65] - Ataraxia Rebel Force
Some groovy ecstatic beats developped and produced for your pleasure by Ataraxia Rebel Force. Enjoy...
Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 6,163
[audio]TEAL - Paraz EP [snr63] - Teal
A new diffusion of Teal rude and metallic electronic project.
Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 1,018
[audio]SCHIZOIDAL - Visions EP [snr66] - Schizoidal
Electro hypnotic tracks... Listen to it with your eyes closed...
Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 1,352
[audio]Dura la Vita del Chipmunk - Luca Boriani
heavy synth breax plus alvindelirio
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 257
[audio]PhantasyToaster - BrainMarch [BB007] - PhantasyToaster
With the swirling synths, beautifully constructed layers of harmony, and wonderfully complex glitch beats of his debut album BrainMarch, we're very exited to have PhantasyToaster on the BedroomBrain artist roster, and we're looking forward to hear what he does next.
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 3,195
[audio]ATARAXIA REBEL FORCE - some schematic ways of thinking EP [snr80] - Ataraxia Rebel Force

Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 1,484
[audio]THE SHINING MEN - From outer space [snr75] - The shining men
The shining men present their first LP : from peaceful minimal techno to strong glitch style idm. Enjoy.
Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 1,924
[audio]COLA IDOL - Civilization machine EP [snr78] - Cola Idol

Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 1,329
[audio]NAYAD - R58-R67 lp [RUN09] - NAYAD
A Follow-up to the previous release is another pre-NAYAD side-project called 'iroquoise resistance' to fatten your R series collection ;)
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 3,665
[audio]Zavoloka - I - Kateryna Zavoloka
Kateryna Zavoloka hails from Kiev and here she dishes up some sweet tracks comprised of rich and abstract analogue/digital noise, melodies and idm like drums. http://www.zavoloka.com
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 8,833 4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars4.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[audio]XTREMIST - Trackball malfunction EP [snr112] - Xtremist

Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 901
[audio]COLA IDOL - Revelation of a psychotic nature EP [snr94] - Cola Idol
Some dubby glitchy happy tracks with a deep mind taste...
Keywords: Electro, IDM, Experimental
Downloads: 1,465
'Q' aka 'Queue' - a shifty little number from the maddening machinations of OneManBrand at http://onemanbrand.co.uk. '1MB' the cd album out 09/05. Take a swig of Eno, smoke a toke of breakbeat, add a sci-fi chase scene, and you're halfway there....
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 211
[audio]Konsumprodukt - Ethics is the aesthetics of prestige [tA_D_kpeth] - konsumprodukt
the third konsumprodukt e.p. at tonAtom. fresh, unwieldy and pleasing. 8bit plus elektrobeat, ironic and disrespectful, clearly konsumprodukt.
Keywords: Electro/IDM/Experimental/Breaks
Downloads: 7,126
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